The 8-point face lift


For some years now, cosmetic specialists are doing less filling of lines directly and finding that using filler to  replace

volume at specific supporting points of the face gives results similar to surgery.

The 8-point facelift is a treatment which places filler at 8 important facial points or locations which are known to be important universally as supporters of the facial structures.


This treatment uses various fillers in the Juvederm range depending on how much support is needed in a particular area. 


All the Juvederm fillers used at the clinic are from the latest Juvederm  Vycross range which has replaced the older Juvederm Ultra range.

The advantage of Juvederm Vycross is that it is composed mostly of low molecular weight molecules of hyaluronic acid which makes the filler easier to mould and results in much less swelling and a longer lasting result.

Price: From £795