The Cheek Lift

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The importance of the cheeks in maintaining a youthful appearance has become a big discussion point at cosmetic conferences in recent years.


Many cosmetic clinics now perform cheek lifts as their most popular and requested treatment.

Studies of how the face ages describe how the cheek moves downwards and inwards as we age. This causes a flattening and sagging of the cheek and a deepening of the nasolabial fold as the  cheek flesh lies more heavily just above the fold.

Supporting the cheeks with filler rejuvenates many areas of the face from sagging of the skin under the eyes to lifting jowls at the jawline with results similar to surgery. Lines under the eyes and dark circles are improved with cheek filler treatment which is quick, comfortable, has no down-time and lasts a fabulous 18 months.


Starting at £795 for a mini cheek lift, £895 for intermediate and £1250 for a full lift and lasting up to 2 years, it is fantastic value. At your consultation, Dr Rhatigan will discuss what level of treatment would give you the best result.


Cheek lift with dermal filler
Cheek lift | dermal filler