Lip Filler

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Lip filler is a very important and much requested treatment and can make dramatic improvements to the look of the lips and area all around the mouth. Beautiful, natural lip filler results can be achieved by an experienced medical injector.

What people want when it comes to lip filler can vary from more volume and plumping, redefinition of uneven lip borders, smoothing of lip lines, cupid's bow reshaping, lifting of droopy or sagging mouth corners. 

There are 2 very important factors which lead to a successful and beautiful lip filler result.

Dr Rhatigan will discuss what kind of result you would like and explain to you what is possible to achieve, always being mindful that a natural result is vital.

Lip Filler | Juvederm

Firstly, the type of filler which ideally should be soft, have minimal post-treatment swelling and be long-lasting. 

The Juvederm Vycross range used at the clinic has replaced the older Juvederm Ultra range. The advantage of Juvederm Vycross is that it is composed mostly of low molecular weight molecules of hyaluronic acid which makes the filler easier to mould and results in much less lip swelling following filler treatment and a longer lasting result.

The second factor which is vital in achieving a perfect lip filler result is the practitioner's technique. Lip filler is one of the more challenging cosmetic treatments and an experienced practitioner will know the importance of treating each component of the lip such as the lip borders, the cupid's bow, the mouth corners, the volumising tubercles. The result should look soft, natural and be appropriate for the patient's facial features.


Lip filler is one of the most requested treatments at Dr Rhatigan's clinic and she has a reputation for achieving lovely, natural results. 

Side effects are rare when Filler is done by an experienced injector.

Lip Filler Prices: From £295 (price will vary depending on the area treated and the amount of filler used)

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