Non-surgical rhinoplasty

The nose job

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Filler treatment has such versatility that it can be used to reshape the nose and create a better nose profile.

Correction of nasal dorsal hump and  down-turning nasal tip with Filler

Distorted tip of nose from childhood injury...fixed with Juvederm filler

The prospect of a surgical procedure to create a better nose shape (rhinoplasty) can be too big a step for many people even though the positive impact on their lives by nose -reshaping can be huge. This is where the option of re-shaping the nose with filler can be a more popular one as with this cosmetic treatment, there is no cutting, suturing or down-time. When done by by an experienced cosmetic doctor, filler can smooth the bridge of the nose giving a better, straighter profile and can also be used to treat a down-turned tip. The procedure is comfortable and though it needs repeating every 12 to 18 months, the cost at £450, is a fraction of the cost of surgical rhinoplasty.

The following article describes the technique beautifully....Click here to read


Prices: From £450 (price will vary depending on the degree of correction needed)


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