When you are considering which clinic to choose as your treatment provider, cost will be a factor.

You may find that costs vary from clinic to clinic. 


If you choose my clinic you can be assured of these important facts:

Experience: I have been a full-time cosmetic doctor for 15 years, have performed Botox, Fillers and other cosmetic treatments numbering in the thousands. My background as an NHS consultant ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon has given me essential tools and skills to run a practice well and get great results.

Products and Equipment: The choice of product and equipment is an important factor in getting a beautiful, natural result. Though there are many cheaper versions available, you can be assured that I only use the best products on the market. I research and invest in the latest technology and am constantly building on the services I provide at the clinic

Continuing education: I attend a number of international conferences each year.

The clinic itself: I always strive to make your visit to see me a pleasurable experience. You will find that I like to minimise any discomfort by using powerful, effective anaesthetic creams, air cooling and ice when needed.

As much as possible I like to ensure that when you leave the clinic, you can go straight back to work if you wish, therefore I use post procedure camouflage make-up to get you back to normal.

The clinic itself was beautifully created by my colleague, dental practitioner Dr Pilar Guisado and I know you will find it a delightful place to visit.