Getting a great Botox result is all about the eyebrows! Let me explain why!

If you have ever been unhappy with the result of a botox treatment, it is most likely because you didn't like how it changed the appearance of your eyebrows.

Poor Botox results can cause dropped or peaked eyebrows. A great Botox result should get the inner part of the eyebrow lifted a little and maintain a lovely arch, without a peak, when you lift your eyebrows. There are some variations as to what eyebrow position can be achieved by varying how much Botox is injected into different parts and depths of the frown muscles. Prior to the treatment a good assessment with photographs of how your eyebrows move should be done. With good knowledge of the complex facial anatomy and using the best quality Botulinum product, great Botox results

should always be possible. And don't hesitate to go back for a top-up or an extra smidge here and there to get the perfect brow position. Research Article - click here to read

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