Treatment of scars

Much requested is the treatment of scars which may cause distressing disfigurement. Some of the causes are trauma, surgery or acne.

The FELC (previously PlexR) technology is causing huge interest in the fields of cosmetic and dermatology because it allows us to treat the difficult problem of scarring.

Plasma energy from a hand held device is applied to the scar and the skin around it causing it to initially break down and then heal beautifully smooth.

The Felc technology causes contraction of the skin by a process of sublimation. The science is fascinating and a little complex to understand. Here goes.. an arc of heat is created between the tip of the Felc and the skin which ionises the gas in the air between and converts it to plasma (a mixture of electrons and protons). The plasma  sublimates the skin turning it into gas with a resultant shrinking of the skin tissue.

There is less downtime with the Felc soft surgery blepharoplasty than with conventional surgery. Swelling and crusting will last from a few days to a week and can be camouflaged with Oxygenetix make-up from the start. 

FELC is also used to treat saggy skin or bags such as eyelids.

Cost: £350 +