There are few treatments which have such an improving effect on facial age changes than the filler cheek lift also known as the 8-point face lift.


Supporting the cheeks with filler rejuvenates many areas of the face from the eyes to the jawline. The treatment is quick, comfortable, has no down-time and lasts a fabulous 18 months.


Starting at £650 for a mini cheek lift, £750 for intermediate and £995 for a full lift, it is fantastic value. At your consultation, Dr Rhatigan will discuss what level of treatment would give you the best result.


"It takes just 2 things to create beautifully treated lips ...use of a top-class filler product such as Juvederm and following a great technique.


The method I use observes the needs of each component of the lips...the border, the cupid's bow, the lip corners, the upper and lower white parts of the lip.


The very best results are achieved by giving meticulous attention to the components which need a helping hand." Dr Máire Rhatigan


Lip filler lasts up to one year and costs £350 for a lip redefinition treatment


Without any doubt, Botox is one of the most exciting molecules in medicine. It has helped millions of people overcome difficulties ranging from blepharospasm to disabling migraine. Its use in cosmetic treatments is undisputed and it is the most popular and effective treatment in all clinics.

There are now many ways to use Botox in a sophisticated and advanced way to achieve truly beautiful results. 

"It's all the about the eyebrows when it comes to treating frown lines with Botox. Getting the eyebrow position perfect is key to a beautiful, natural effect" Dr Máire Rhatigan

And Botox is safe...there is a huge amount of scientific data to confirm this. Starting with a gentle Botox Sprinkle is often the best approach for people who are feeling a little uncertain. As a cosmetic practitioner, I am always confident to tell my patients that Botox really works.   Price from £190