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Oclipse Smart Tone

For decades we have been aware of the damage sunlight causes our skin.

Exposure to powerful forms of artificial light can also be a safety hazard.


This hazard concerns doctors more and more as people are continuously surrounded by an increasing variety of artificial light sources, such as computers, digital devices, fluorescent lights and LED sources. 


These unnatural forms of light release large amounts of powerful radiation known as High-Energy Visible Light. High-Energy Visible (HEV) Light is made up of certain colors that you can see. 


When you look at a rainbow, these particular colors are visible as a thin edge of deep purple and blue on the one side.  HEV light is very closely related to Ultra-Violet (UV) light and has similar physical characteristics.  Invisible ultra-violet (UV) rays cause sunburn, tissue damage and eye disease.  HEV light has been shown to cause similar damage.

Developed by Beverly Hills dermatologist Zein Obagi, the newest sun protection technology from ZO® Skin Health is Oclipse® Smart Tone, that offers a powerful dose of UVA and UVB all day sun protection, while also helping to shield the skin from HEV light.


The multi-tasking formula helps to skin support its own natural repair process to helping tackle irritation and pigmentation, while softening and soothing skin with rich conditioners.


ZO® Oclipse® Smart Tone SPF 50 (SPF) is also formulated with patented color-bursting beads that match any skin tone. These micro-beads burst when rubbed into skin to create customizable color on any skin tone, creating a perfect tint to be worn alone or as a primer under foundation.


The new buzzword in sun protection isn’t UVA or UVB.


It’s HEV – high-energy visible light.


HEV is an enemy of healthy skin due to its ability to damage cells.

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